eMule Titandonkey

eMule Titandonkey 0.7

Increases speed and stability of downloads
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Enhance data downloading by applying 256 bit AES Encryption and establish a stable and fast connection to any client applications and devices hosting the files. The utility also recognizes different download patterns and optimizes the process for speed.

With the eMule Mod "Titandonkey" it is possible thanks to its integrated Highspeed Credit-system to use the whole capacity of your internet connection for downloading. You get Credits for your upload which you can easily use with just one click and you will immediately get download from all other Community clients.

Thanks to the 256 bit AES Encryption eMule Titandonkey can encrypt the upload and download, as well as the communication with other clients. Another feature allows you to hide a small part of your finished files. Furthermore it is possible to send random strings instead of filenames to other clients.

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